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Archive for February 2012

The Value of Bible Translation – Part 3

continued… 7. It will mean that God can be glorified by another kindred and tongue.  Revelation 5:9 and 7:9 prove to us that the grand eternal purpose of God is to bring some from every kindred, tongue, tribe and nation to worship at His throne. The throne of God in that day will be the…

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The Value of Bible Translation – Part 2

continued from Part 1… 4. It can become the catalyst for a Church-Planting movement. A missionary can plant a church, but God’s plan is for church-planting movements (Acts) and that is unlikely to be accomplished except through national believers. It is practically impossible to send a church-planter without putting into his hand a Bible he…

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The Value of Bible Translation – Part 1

I am convinced that the translation of the Bible into the languages of the unreached is THE KEY to completing the Great Commission. No other work can have such thorough and eternal impact on a culture.  In the next three posts, I would like to address the VALUE of translating the Bible into the heart…

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